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Consumers today spend nearly 70% of their time on the Internet
on their phones.
So if your website isn't Responsive you're missing a ton of business.

This is where 5PAGE1 comes in.
We write beautiful and functional sites that Respond to any device at a surprisingly affordable price.

Welcome to the Future Responsive 5PAGE1

Mobile First design runs beautifully on any device. Your pages, written as one speeds navigation to Zero loading time.
Should you feel the need, we would be more than happy to upgrade your site to a larger multiple page site in the future as your business grows!
Already have a large site? We can redesign your site to be a productive, modern and responsive multipage site that today's visitors will love.

Explore Some of Our Most Popular Features

  • Eye-Catching CSS3 Animations
  • Retina Ready For Enabled Devices
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • 100% Valid HTML Markup
  • Font Awesome Icon Integration
  • AJAX Form Mail
  • One Page Parallax
  • Boxed or Wide
  • Top Notch Support Service
  • Premium Sliders
  • Fully Optimized For Speed
  • Advanced Typography
  • Strong SEO Base Built In
  • Strong Video Capabilities
  • Business Card Design
  • Modern Logo Design
  • Retro Logo Design

What exactly is 5PAGE1?

I started out with a one page site design myself. I wanted a small fast loading site that would function perfectly on any device. When I was done building it I had 5 pages in 1 and no idea what to call it - was born.

The idea behind the design isn't original and it's very likely that you often visit 1 page sites without even noticing. Many people have 1 page sites of 3 to 8 pages and the concept is quickly catching on because they are less expensive to produce and the loading time on navigation is zero. Instead of waiting for a new page to load when one clicks the menu, the loaded page simply scrolls down to the next page instantly delivering the information that your visitor is looking for. And with more than 70% of Internet users using their phones to search the web, speed becomes very important.

The psychology of the phone people is that they tend to be very impatient. If your site isn't truly responsive, fast loading and quickly delivering the information they are looking for they will just drop your site and spend their time looking for another that is more accommodating.

So be accommodating and keep those precious visitors!


Below we have a variety of site designs and options. From one page sites from scratch to multiple page upgrades all showcasing examples of our work and varying styles and all in "Truly Responsive" format. Looking through them you can get a "Feel" for our work and maybe get some ideas for the new site that you have in mind.

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Responsive Youtube, Vimeo & Self-Hosted

We allow browsers to determine video or slideshow dimensions based on the width of their containing block by creating an intrinsic ratio that will properly scale on any device.

Vimeo Video

Youtube Video

Tiny Video

Our video players PLAY!

We can put your videos anywhere at any size including full screen auto play as well as in sliders with text and links. We can link to video on YouTube, Viemo or you can host the video yourself.

Our players are responsive and will size themselves by creating an intrinsic ratio that will properly scale on any device.

- They will play beautifully on anything!

Many try to make Responsive Video Headers but sadly, most fail.
Click HERE to see with a fully responsive video header!


You get a skilled developer who understands business. HTML since 1996 - Excellent Photoshop skills - Clients of over 20 years - Beautiful Site Designs - Fantastic Headers - Truly Responsive Design - Diligent Professional Work - HTML 5 - Custom JavaScript - jQuery - PHP - AJAX - One Page Design - Expert - Reliable - Easy to contact - Never out of reach!


Don't hesitate to reach out!

We're always happy to answer any questions you may have.
We expect people to have questions and having answers is part of what we do.